On Set- Mountains of Western Main Pt 2

Another shoot in the western mountains of Maine, following up on the same feature film.  This time I got to go up in the bucket and get some shots of our prop truck.  

View from the bucket lift straight down.

Up in the trees

We were pretty blessed with the weather and sun/clouds mix we got in the afternoon.  Spectacular sunset for the last few driving shots we needed to get.  

The director finding his shot overlooking a still-frozen Weld Lake with my Epic.

We also had a 2-axis gyro on hand for the driving shots, which was a huge help.  Almost impossible to get the driving shots the week before without it, so glad we had it on hand this trip.  Took me a minute to figure out how to get it up and going, but once we had the gyros running, it worked a beaut.  Strapped it to the roof of my truck for some following shots of the prop cars, as well as in the back for some leading shots.  Light was fantastic, too.

gyro rigged to the roof.

the whole rig, including the bucket lift we used earlier in the day.  It's good to have a truck for shoots like these.

This was the last day of shooting for the production, now headed into post for the next few months.  Can't wait to see this when it's finished sometime this fall, hopefully on a large screen!