On Set- Join Me Shoot

Another shoot with the talented gents at p3, this time teamed up with the also very talented Black Math guys.  The video was for JoinMe, an online video calling/collaboration service.  Morgan Myer was the DP for the spot directed by Jeremy Sahlman, and they rented my Red Epic which I operated.  

Morgan really stepped up his game on this one, with a perfectly even-lit cyc wall and great talent lighting to boot.

Now that's how you light a cyc.

Notice on the bottom left of the monitor the waveform with the solid green line going straight across from left to right.  This waveform monitor interprets the amount of light in the image from 0 (meaning total black) to 100 (meaning pure white).  Black Math wanted a clean white to be able key out if needed for the animation they were going to create over the video.  Having an evenly lit background is essential for this, and the waveform monitor notes how there is no variance in the lighting of the white background, which is not an easy thing to achieve on a 30'x40' wall.

Got to use some sweet cinema primes.

Got to use some sweet cinema primes.

Nothing says Italy like a Vespa (apparently).

Our setup for the "French Cafe" scene.

A fun shoot with some really talented people.