Do The Math Trailer

Here is the trailer for the "Do The Math" documentary I worked on with the guys at PF Pictures.  I was a Field Producer for an interview and when we filmed Bill McKibben's last Do The Math talk earlier this year.  It's a wonderful project to be a part of, and please click through to to see how you can get involved with the movement in a few weeks for Earth Day.

Dr. Mulkey Interview

Still from interview I just shot/produced with Dr. Stephen Mulkey, President of Unity College, the first college in the US to completely divest it's endowment from fossil fuels.  He made for a great interviewee, very knowledgable and engaging.  The interview is part of a larger documentary being produced by PF Pictures for  Audio help on this shoot from Stuart Townsend.

Dr. Stephen Mulkey, President of Unity College in Maine.

Dr. Stephen Mulkey, President of Unity College in Maine. and Bill McKibben

Had the wonderful opportunity to Field Produce a shoot with the inspiring folks at and Bill McKibben.  McKibben is the Rachel Carson of climate change, and the group he helped spawn at Middlebury College,, is doing the largest global organizing for climate change activism.  Wonderful people doing incredible work, and they are all only a few years out of college.  

Bill McKibben's office, before his last US tour event.

350 and Bill have been traveling the US giving his speech/program (similar to that of Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth tour), and last Sunday was the last stop in the US, back in his home town of Middlebury, VT.  

I got to Field Produce this shoot for PF Pictures, and we had a lot of the OG crew with us: Rob Featherstone as DP, Tom Moore as 2nd Camera, Nick Poholchuk on sound, Mike McSweeney as 3rd Camera, Ian DeSalvo on 4th Camera, and me on 5th Camera.  We got a lot of great coverage of the program, as well as some interviews before and after with the 350 team, Bill McKibben, and students attending the show.  

This is a part of a 40 min doc PF is doing on and the tour.  I am really excited to have been a part of this project, and to help serve the cause of changing the way we think of energy/resource use, and our relation to the planet as a whole.  These people are doing truly inspiring work, as sobering as Bill's message is at times.  But that's the point.

Our setup for the final interview with Noam Chomsky, for the forthcoming "Requiem For The American Dream."

We were running a skeleton-crew, just Kelly Nyks (director/interviewer), Jared Scott (producer/camera A/audio) and myself (Camera B).  I shot with the 5D on the left as cam b, and in the foreground is the c300 with an Eye Line Direct setup.  It's a pretty cool piece of gear that allows an interviewee to look directly into the lens, but via some mirrors, see the interviewer's face and talk to them, instead of a lens.  Pretty handy for direct-to-camera stuff to keep the interviewee more relaxed and natural.