New Office Space

Finally finished building my new standing desk for the office.  This has been a few months in the works, including a 3 month woodworking class at Portland Adult Ed, which was really helpful.

The Before desk setup.

And a detail shot of the mortise and tendon joinery, which I was pretty excited to learn.  

The finished After standing desk.  Wire management still needs to be figured out.

Video Romance

Here's a quick project I worked on last week for my sister-in-law.  She wanted to make a video for her boyfriend for Valentine's day, so we set up in our dining room, put up the green-screen and lights, and did a few takes.  It only took Meg about 3 runs through to get the lyrics and performance we were looking for, and then a few hours of online searching for some fun video assets to bring it together.  

Meg infront of green-screen

Meg infront of green-screen

Meg and I only had a few hours the night before Valentine's Day to put everything together, but it turned out pretty well, and Meg and Donny both loved it, which was the goal.  Check the video out below.