On Set- Emily Cain Campaign Video

Two days working on a few campaign videos for Emily Cain up in the Bangor area.  The spots were produced/directed by Gum Spirits Productions, a group of really talented, passionate filmmakers.  They also happen to be really great people to boot, which is always a huge plus.   

Emily Cain campaign video set-up

Emily Cain campaign video set-up

A lot of driving time as the her district is up in Bangor, but I always appreciate the chance to explore more of Maine.  

My Epic was the b-cam and it worked great (despite breaking my shotgun mic cold shoe earlier in the week, hence the camera tape mount in the picture above).  Shot mostly 4k at 10:1 compression, using both my Canon 50mm 1.2 and Tokina 11-16 2.8.  Used the 50mm for the interviews to punch in for a nice medium/close-up, and the 11-16 for some wide-angle b-roll clips.  Cropped in at 4k, the 50 is closer to 62mm and the 11-16 becomes a 14-20, which is also nice because it loses any vignetting or distortion you might get on 5k at 11mm wide open.  Really impressed with the quality of the Tokina, and am understanding why so many red users love this lens.  

New Office Space

Finally finished building my new standing desk for the office.  This has been a few months in the works, including a 3 month woodworking class at Portland Adult Ed, which was really helpful.

The Before desk setup.

And a detail shot of the mortise and tendon joinery, which I was pretty excited to learn.  

The finished After standing desk.  Wire management still needs to be figured out.